Learn iOS 8 App Development (2nd Edition)

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Learn iOS 8 App Development is both a rapid tutorial and a useful reference.

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It's an all-in-one getting started guide to building useful apps. You'll learn best practices that ensure your code will be efficient and perform well, earning positive reviews on the iTunes App Store, and driving better search results and more revenue. Why spend months or years discovering the best ways to design and code iPhone and iPad apps when this book will show you how to do things the right way from the start?

Learn how to create apps for any model of iPhone, the iPod Touch, the iPad, or build universal apps that run on all of them. After reading this book, you'll be creating professional quality apps, ready to upload to the app store, making you the prestige and the money you seek! Learn iOS design patterns with Swift 4.

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Comprehensive coverage of Core Data, from beginner to advanced topics. A book on creating delightful iOS animations in Swift 4. From beginning to advanced topics like layer animations, view controller transitions, and more. Leverage the power of RxSwift in your reactive apps! In this Realm book, you'll learn how to build modern Swift apps with the persistence and synchronization of Realm Database and Realm Cloud. The best Unity book for beginners. Create 4 complete Unity games for scratch, including a first-person shooter, a tower defense game, and more.

In this book, you will make 6 complete and polished mini-games. Learn how to make 3D games using Swift 3 and SceneKit! Through a series of mini-games and challenges, you'll learn everything you need to make your own 3D game!


Learn iOS 8 App Development 2nd ed. Edition

Make Apple Watch apps with Swift 4! Learn all about the WatchKit framework, snapshots, notifications, complications, and much, much more! Learn how to make tvOS apps from the ground up, with a series of tutorials for complete beginners! Data Science. Database Administration. Big Data. Computer Vision. Data Processing. Data Visualization.

iOS 8 Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself, Sixth Edition

Database Programming. Natural Language Processing. Cloud Computing. Cloud Native. Configuration Management. Distributed Computing. Infrastructure Management. IT Certifications. Network Security.

By professional developers for professional developers.

Service Oriented Architecture. Systems Administration. Cloud Platforms. Cloud Foundry. Application Development. Application Testing. Business Process Management. Design Patterns. Functional Programming. Geospatial Analysis. GUI Application Development. High Performance. Object Oriented Programming. Programming Language. Android Development. Augmented Reality.

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    Windows Mobile Programming. Operating Systems. Windows Mobile.

    Game Artificial Intelligence. Game Design. Game Optimization. Game Scripting. Game Strategy. Mobile Game Development.

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    Virtual Reality. Game Engines. Embedded Systems. Home Automation. Industrial Internet of Things. IoT Development. IoT Security.